The Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

“How much does a kitchen remodel cost?”

Oh, if I only had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked that! It’s the question I have gotten the most in my career. Today, I’m answering it, as well as all the details that get us to that number so that you can set a budget for your kitchen remodel confidently the way I do with clients. So, let’s get to the point!

Given my expertise as a kitchen remodeling professional in the mid-west, my estimate for 10×20 foot space is $45,000. Here’s the catch. That’s if you manage the project yourself and don’t hire a firm or general contractor. It does include hiring professional trades though.

If you hire a design firm, I estimate $75,000. That’s the average price for a kitchen remodel when I worked under a firm. I became a solo designer to help clients in hire the pros but manage their own project. That’s right, I’m helping clients save $25,000!

Things to Account For in Your Kitchen Remodel

Modern minimalist kitchen space with marble countertops and grey kitchen island

Kitchen Design by Sarah S Samuel for Mandy Moore

The cost of your kitchen remodel can vary however. Please don’t hold me to these numbers because each project is unique. Here is why your project may vary!

Your location

If you live in a big city like New York or on an island, I can imagine prices being higher!

High demand

Higher demand means high prices and longer wait times. Demand is incredibly high right now. If you are wanting to remodel early this fall, you need to be contacting a designer and the trade professionals today!

The size of your space

This will affect those extra material costs but also labor costs. Labor won’t change drastically and since they are already there, you aren’t paying for extra trip charges.

Hidden problems

Those sneaky issues hiding behind the walls. You know the kind – think water damage, damp problems or having to move something you didn’t see coming. I personally don’t believe this happens as much as HGTV claims. TV after all is exaggerated for entertainment purposes! Trade professionals can usually point our concerns at initial consults.

Your style

Whether you choose artistic, handmade or designer vs mass-produced can affect the cost of your kitchen remodel. If you love supporting the environment, small businesses and artists then you know things come with a legit price. The same goes if you’re a fan of designer brands and products. To me it’s worth paying for but it’s important to know that it falls into kitchen remodeling too, not just our handbags. If you are okay with things made in mass production to stay in budget, that’s okay too! Sometimes a blend can be the perfect spot to be as well.

Willingness to invest in quality

I cannot stress this enough. Invest in the quality of this project because you will not want to have to do it again from things failing or you being full of regret.

How to Budget for a Kitchen Remodel

As a general guide to planning a budget for your kitchen remodel, allow approximately 50/50 for costs – that’s 50% materials, 50% labor. Let’s dive a little deeper into the two.



Midway through a kitchen remodel - installing kitchen cabinet carcasses


Some homeowners do this themselves to save costs, others hire kitchen remodel professionals to get the demolition works done. It usually takes 2 days so allow $1600.


Adding new walls, installing cabinetry etc – the cost of carpentry varies. Most carpenters work at a rate of $45-60 per hour. A week is the average timeframe overall so allow $4,000.


Electrical works during your kitchen renovation can vary, but to replace fixtures is $500 vs $250 per each recessed can. Updates per code, outlets every 4′. Moving of appliances.


Plumbing usually involves disconnect and reconnect of the sink and water lines. They will have a trip charge for this so if you can do it yourself, it’ll save you. If you move plumbing, that’s where the cost really comes in. You’ll need a quote and to see if it’s even doable. Plumbing will cost less money if there is a basement is below and has an open ceiling.


New drywall and repair from walls, light fixtures and more being removed. Taping and mudding is involved. Scraping popcorn ceilings can be expensive. This all depends on the size of your space and what you are removing or adding. Get quotes.

Tile Install

You can hire the cheapest tile installer and have uneven tiling, tile that cracks over time and stains or you can invest in a quality installer. It’s all in the precision of their work and their knowledge on the proper bonding agent as well as dealers for natural products. For a backsplash this usually runs $750-1200. For a floor, you’ll need a quote.



Tile flatlay with tiles from Tiles of Ezra

Cabinetry + Hardware –

The cabinets I order for clients’ kitchens range between $10-15,000 for a 10-20 size.


Allow $4-20 + for a square foot of luxury vinyl, engineered, porcelain tile, wood floors, natural stone floors, handmade tiles / cement.


$100 per square foot for laminate, Corian, granite, engineered quartz, quartzite, exotic stones


Allow $4-100 per square foot for ceramic, porcelain, handmade, natural stone

Plumbing Fixtures

Shop around, but as a guide allow $1100 which includes a sink at $500, faucet at $400, soap dispenser and air gap at $200.


As a guide, allow $12,000 minimum, GE or KitchenAid recommended for mid-grade. Subzero-Wolf, Monogram or Jenn-air for luxury. Quality appliances means food that lasts up to 3x longer, dishes that actually get clean and the highest performance when it comes to cooking.


This will vary but as a guide $700 for two pendants and ceiling fixture, for recessed cans add $250 for each but don’t forget to account for drywall repair.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel and need the services of an online kitchen designer, please get in touch or check out my services page for more details of my kitchen design service.

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