How the Minimalist Mindset Changed My Life

Are you wondering how to start a minimalist lifestyle or how to get into a minimalist mindset? Here are some tips for you on getting started with minimalism.


This week I wanted to share my personal story about how minimalism and slow living changed my life in hopes that it will help you or someone you know. Minimalism is now a trendy word many people are using today but whatever you want to call it, it’s life changing. I can attest as it changed my entire perspective on life and this world 5-10 years ago, in my early to mid twenties. I started with a minimalist mindset, and have never looked back.


So, what is minimalism?

The philosophy behind it is that it is about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions.


I found the concept of minimalism and decided to give it a try so that I wouldn’t be broke, but I found so much more within it. My personal growth happened when I practiced minimalism my own way. I’m emphasizing my own way because it’s not about living up to someone else’s standards of owning five shirts and a chair. Haha! It’s about challenging yourself to dig deep and eliminate everything not serving YOU. It’s all about YOU. This is the minimalist mindset you need.


So, here’s my story!


In my teens and early twenties I was living paycheck to paycheck and spending money like nobody’s business. On clothes, on eating out and on fuel for my car. I maxed out my Maurice’s, Victoria’s Secret and Discover card within a year. Looking back, I can see that I was lost and trying to live by how I was shown to live. Everyone around me had the same problems and I felt normal. I consistently had a boyfriend and I was juggling a lot of friends on top of a job and school. I had absolutely no time for myself and I was unhappy. Busy meant I could avoid my hurt. It wasn’t until I started practicing minimalism that things began to change.


Here are 3 things I eliminated from my life and their better replacements. 


Toxic Relationships

I ended relationships that were negatively influencing my life and I focused heavily on the relationships that I was growing and supported from. If friends weren’t putting in equal effort, neither was I. If they made me feel horrible in some passive aggressive way, they didn’t deserve me. The right relationships taught me so much about life and myself. I found friends who brought out the adventurous and deep intellectual side of me. I no longer invested in romantic relationships with those that reflected my insecurities and those that were emotionally unavailable. I just simply said no.

Two young ladies walk down a street in Copenhagen from a blog post about How the Minimalist Mindset Changed My Life by Chelsey Home

Less time with people who weren’t putting in an equal effort and more time forming relationships that would lead to big moments in life – like walking down the oldest street in Copenhagen with my little sister.

Spending and Things

I stopped purchasing anything for awhile and I fought my addiction to shopping. Doing this not only gave me more time and financial stability, it shifted my mindset. I personally challenged myself to not buy anything for 3-6 months, especially clothes. Instead, I sold the things that I didn’t use frequently or those that were reminders of my past in a negative way. I only bought the absolute necessities, food, auto and rent. I eliminated unnecessary subscriptions and utilities. Once I began purchasing again, I knew what I needed and what I didn’t. What use was I going to get out of this? Would I actually use it? Would I choose it over my travel fund? Quality came over quantity and I started buying less and intentionally choosing pieces that would last. Having a deep love for nature and the world as a hole, this came easy for me.


A young lady at the Bonneville Salt Flats from a blog post about How the Minimalist Mindset Changed My Life by Chelsey Home

Less money on new clothing every month and more on countless adventures! Photo taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Bad Habits

I had to put my TV in a closet for a month I was so addicted. I would watch it 7 hours a day when I was depressed and guess what? It made me more depressed! I forced myself to make new habits and to fill my time with better things, even if that meant being alone with my own thoughts. It was hard at first but it brought me sanity. I questioned why I was feeling a certain way and analyzed the feeling. Why do I feel this way? When did it start? How can I help myself to not feel this way? Binge watching TV was no longer an escape, and along came new habits. That included quality time with myself and others, reading self-help books, time outdoors, working out and chasing my passions of travel, photography, modeling and owning my own business.


A young lady on a bridge in Europe with a bicycle from a blog post about How the Minimalist Mindset Changed My Life by Chelsey Home

My first international trip to Europe in 2018 after quitting my full time job and pursuing my own business.


Have you practiced minimalism or started to change towards a more minimalist mindset? I’d love to hear about your journey! If not, I urge you to try it out especially if you’re feeling unhappy, you are broke or if you are consistently feeling overwhelmed. I truly hope this helps and please DM me on Instagram if you’d like any advice or someone to talk to!

If you are looking to create a more minimal, intentional home; please reach out, it’s what I do!


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