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the cabinetry collective

Making cabinetry an architectural detail in all homes. 

Curating a group of soulful creatives that want to build each other up, by offering exclusive high-end cabinetry, commission-based.

the mission

cabinetry samples shipped directly to you or your client

Styled shoots, content-sharing, and co-marketing

Curated sample box based on your designer style 

Combined industry knowledge and referrals 

Commission for each cabinetry project

What to Expect

The collective

The Cabinetry collective is an application-only based community of interior designers and other home industry professionals, founded by Chelsey. It’s a space for teaming up and supporting others in the industry. We’ll be combining our knowledge to further educate consumers, leading to more opportunities. 

By joining the collective you’ll also gain access to many exclusive benefits and have the added benefit of a second designer’s eye on cabinetry and specialized kitchen and bath design, if desired. We’d love to work with everyone but as we gain our bearings the first quarter, we will only be enrolling a select few. 

Upon enrollment, we invite you to our online studio where you’ll get access to resources and be able to upload client dimensions and drawings to receive cabinetry design and quotes. At the end of a project, we utilize co-marketing by styling the space for a shoot and sharing the content. 

Join the waitlist and receive more information when the first enrollment opens in 2022!

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Collaborate. Create. Cultivate.

the perks

0.1 Commission for every cabinetry project you refer
0.2 Quality cabinetry from a leading national brand, Minnesota made delivered directly to the client
0.3 Drawings provided including floor plan, elevations and line rendering for both your advantage and installation
0.4 Split marketing costs and content sharing
0.5 Curated sample box based on your designer style and cabinetry samples shipped directly to you or your client
0.6 Referral base. If someone reaches out to Chelsey Home but would prefer a local designer, interior design with furnishings or simply better fit your style, we refer them to you!

what it is

what's included

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why join?

002 / 003

Drawings provided including floor plan, elevations and line rendering for both your advantage and installation.

001 / 003

Interior design client referrals (excludes kitchen + bath design).

003 / 003

Earn commission for every cabinetry project you refer.

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Allow us to send you more information when we start enrollment in January 2022.

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Hey lovely,

I don’t know about you but being a solo-entrepreneur comes with so many jobs. I’ve been an interior designer on my own for 4 years and it’s starting to become easier as I delegate and minimize my services. I am far more interested in the architectural side to interior design than I am the aesthetic side. I love interior architecture and cabinetry so that’s why kitchen and bath design stole my heart.

Working for yourself can be lonely sometimes and I have always loved collaborating with other creatives. It quite literally lights up my soul to create something so incredible as a team while also working a bit less as we help support each other. 

I created the cabinetry collective to work with other soulful creatives in the home industry that value collaboration but still want to maintain their freedom and gain more of it! I foresee this being a group that shares their knowledge, inspires and helps each other out. Like having a team at a design-firm but allowing us to maintain our individual businesses. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of - I’d love to grab coffee and meet you, virtually!

Chelsey Preuss

interior designer

collaborate with the founder, chelsey

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