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Chelsey Home experiences

casalona studio, sioux falls, sd

Home is where we share the stories of the past, encouraging meaningful moments and creating stories to come.

Casalona was designed by staying authentic to the home's mid-century architecture and wanting a space that felt clean, grounding and inspiring. Chelsey curated the spaces with both modern and vintage pieces while sticking to a semi-monochromatic, warm color scheme. The plants in combination with this design concept, make the home feel full of life from the moment you step in. We can't wait to open up more rental home experiences in the years to come. Stay tuned.

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for photographers

Casalona is available to rent by the hour as a lifestyle studio space. We welcome small business owners needing brand photography, private boudoir sessions, couples or small families needing a stylish, bright home for photos and other creative projects. Not only will you obtain access to six artfully designed spaces, you’ll be gaining countless pieces to use as props as well.

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Casalona is an artfully designed home away from home with two comfortable bedrooms, a living room, kitchen/dining and sunroom. Equipped with everything you need, so you can be sure to find the spaces relaxing and recharging. Guests love that Casalona is very clean, well thought out, centrally located, environmentally friendly, plant filled, accommodating with multiple work spaces, aesthetically pleasing, peaceful, full of light and offers impeccable hospitality. Many say it’s favorite place they’ve stayed at - whether they are passing through, visiting friends or family or opting in for a staycation.

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$20 HOUR 4

The Space

The Space

kind words

Chelsey's place is amazing. The space is stylish and sparkling clean, with tons of natural light. All the little touches added to a calm, relaxing atmosphere. And the plants, oh my, SO many plants!

The space is stylish and sparkling clean, with tons of natural light.

– Brianna

Chelsey’s house is a real gem! The space is so stylish and cozy. Both bedrooms were very Zen with lovely décor and bedding. 

The space is so stylish and cozy.

– paula

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0.1 Is your home private?

0.1 Is your home private?

The upper, main level and everything you see in photos is completely private. You will have access into the front door with a keyless entry. Parking is in front of my home on the street. 

0.2 What's included in each booking?

0.2 What's included in each booking?

With your booking, you will have access to my furnished living room, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and the beautiful, one-of-a kind 3-season room. Studio equipment (lighting, remotes, mics etc.) is not provided.

0.3 What are your rules to follow?

0.3 What are your rules to follow?

Upon entering, I ask that you please remove your shoes at the door. Prior to leaving, I ask that you please clean and return everything to its original place. This includes fixing the bedding and pillows. Maximum of 5 guests allowed. 

0.4 How is the lighting? 

0.4 How is the lighting? 

Great, however use your discretion. Sunny days are ideal! The sunroom and large bedroom face east. The kitchen is in the middle and gets the most light from the east. The living room, bathroom and second bedroom face west.

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