The Professional Trades in Home Remodeling

If you are planning a home remodel you may be wondering “what are the professional trades in home remodelling?”. It can be daunting, so this week I’m diving deeper into the planning of a remodel to help you plan your remodel with ease.

It can be difficult to know which are the essential professional trades in home remodelling. My online interior design clients often ask:

Which trades do I need to be involved?

What trade does what?

When do I hire an architect?

To answer this, let’s look closely into the planning of a remodel. Below are the professional trades that will be involved!

Interior designers have either a AAS or Bachelor’s degree in interior design. There are interior decorators that refer to themselves as interior designers. It’s important to know the difference and what to look for in a remodeling project.

Decoration is defined as the process or art of decorating or adorning something.

Design is defined as a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made.

Decorators are there to make a home look great on the surface but aren’t typically educated or experienced in how things work and function. Whereas, designers are there to plan out a home that is strategic, efficient and can stand the test of time. Decorators are amazing at styling or accessorizing a home after a remodel. They are also great if you need a simple refresh! I do not recommend them for the planning process that goes into an extensive remodel.

An architect is the designer of buildings. If you are building a home or planning a structural remodel such as an addition, consider hiring one. I recommend this if you have a home that was originally built by an architect. It’s important to preserve the original style and design!

A general contractor is often the project manager. They have a general contractors license to do so. Their job is to provide all the necessary materials, pull permits, schedule and communicate with sub-contractors. designers are there to plan out a home that is strategic, efficient and can stand the test of time. Some homeowners will save money and do the general contractor’s tasks themselves.

This includes a finish carpenter, plumber, electrician, tile installer, drywall installer and painter. Homeowners occasionally will do some of this work themselves if that’s a skill they have. You want to look for the attention to detail and professionalism in all of these. This work is truly an art form in itself.

Vendors include cabinetry makers, countertop fabricators, flooring stores, tile shops, plumbing showrooms and lighting galleries. Each vendor might have their own installers available. When it comes to stone countertops, you work exclusively with the fabricators installers. Whereas with cabinetry and flooring, it is either or. Tile shops, plumbing showrooms and lighting galleries can often give recommendations but don’t source their own.

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