The Process of a Home Remodel

Home remodeling can be daunting! If you are planning a home remodel and need help with the home remodel process, read on.

The three most commonly asked questions I get from my clients are,

“Where do I even start with my home remodel?”

“How much does a remodel cost?”

“What is the home remodel process like?”

With project management experience under my belt, I’m sharing my perspective as a home remodeling pro!
This week, I’m here to share the process I utilize with my clients in a kitchen or bath renovation.

The Planning Process:

First and foremost, what are you wanting to achieve? Get out your journal! Here are some example journal entries:

  • I would love this space to be bigger!
  • I imagine the new space being more functional.
  • I envision a bright, Scandinavian style.
  • I picture entertaining our friends and families.
  • I want to use my kitchen more as I love to cook.
  • I dream of a soaking tub!

Do your prefer being creative online or offline? To create a vision board online, simply create a Pinterest board and add images to it! These do not need to be of interiors – in fact, I highly suggest they aren’t! This allows free creative reign in my mind. To create a vision board offline, simply cut images from magazines or other print materials that you are drawn to and would like your space to emulate.

Search your local area for professionals for your project. These may or may not include:

  • A general contractor to manage the project for you and supply the subcontractors
  • Sub-contractors for carpentry, tile install, plumbing, electrical, drywall and painting
  • Interior decorator, interior designer or kitchen & bath designer to help thoughtfully plan your remodel
  • Materials and products including; flooring, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, furniture, wall tile and plumbing fixtures

Next weeks blog will dive deeper into each trade professional including their specialties and what to look for in hiring them!

When are you hoping to have this project completed by? I suggest making your deadline at least a month before your event for the unknowns and time to settle in.

How long will your project take? How much time does each trade professional need to complete their part?

When does each trade have availability? Get on their calendars!

Create a plan! I highly suggest hiring an interior designer if you are doing a full remodel. A little insight into the three professionals that typically fall under this category:

  • For aesthetics only, hire an interior decorator. If you are just wanting help with colors and décor, they are perfect for the job!
  • Interior designers typically have a college degree. They are educated on how to create the best use of space within your allotted budget. Most are highly educated on the products in the industry and are there to educate and guide you. Designers often end up saving clients thousands of dollars in both short term and long term remodeling mistakes.
  • Kitchen & bath designers are interior designers, except they are specialized in designing the two most used spaces of the home; the kitchen and bathroom. Residential interior designers specialize in furnishings. Both specialize in space planning. Often, kitchen & bath designers and residential interior designers collaborate on projects!

I will elaborate more on next week’s blog about each specialized professional.

Revise the initial quotes after establishing a layout, design and final product selections! Are you in budget? If not, where can you adjust?

The Construction Process:

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Happy remodelling!

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