How to Create A Timeless Kitchen Design

Here are my top tips for creating a timeless kitchen design that is classic and doesn’t class itself as “trendy”.


By creating a well thought-out plan for your home remodel, we can avoid wasting time and money. We also avoid creating more stress for ourselves and waste that fills our beautiful planet! Here are 3 tips for putting together a timeless kitchen design.


Embrace the Home’s Period Style

Think of a home as you are borrowing it. Unless you plan on living in it until it crumbles to the ground that’s the case. There will be owners after you. If you have an older home, I cannot stress how amazing and important it is to embrace the home’s style as designed by its original architect. It’s simply the right thing to do. This will allow the home to remain a piece of history, in a modern and timeless way. The style on the outside with flow throughout the inside adding your personal style to the mix. That brings me to number two!


Know Yourselves

I have had clients want what their neighbors want or what they see that’s currently trending in magazines or on Pinterest. If you are hoping to design your kitchen or bathroom once for the next 20 years, do not do that! I repeat. Do not. Trends come and go SO fast. It blows my mind! Ask yourself questions like these:


  • What colors and shapes have you always been drawn to? Do you get tired of color quickly?


  • What’s a place that you’ll never forget? How did it make you feel? What did it look life?


  • What do you enjoy doing at home?


Just because something is super popular online doesn’t mean it’s for you!


Choose Quality Materials and Craftsmanship


Remodels are not cheap. Even if you do the work yourself and buy the cheapest materials you can buy, your time is money. Poor materials will fail and when they do, it’s back to square one with another remodel. Yikes! I cannot stress quality materials enough.


So how do you know what’s quality and not? First and foremost, great interior designers are educated on almost all products in the industry. If you are doing it yourself, you can also visit stores who are specialized and super knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Big box stores will not have this information. Stay tuned as I plan on diving deeper into this in the near future!


That brings me to craftsmanship. Do not hire the cheapest plumber your money can buy. Get referrals, read reviews and have a consult in your home. They’ve got to know what they are doing! Be sure contractors are licensed too! It’s an investment up front but choosing the right people to work on your project and finding the right materials will be worth it in the end. I pinky promise!


So there you have it, three of my tips for creating a timeless kitchen design that will last. Remodeling is a big decision and worth every penny, just do it right!


I’m more than happy to help guide you and offer a range of online kitchen design services. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


Talk soon,


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