5 Kitchen Essentials – European Style

Hello! I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately while missing Europe and wanted to share with you some simple things that can bring a slice of Europe into your kitchen design! Here are my 5 European kitchen essentials.

French Press

First and foremost, I LOVE my french press! It’s such a simple, fun way to get coffee that tastes like it’s from a coffee shop! It’s also sustainable. You won’t be using plastic k-cups or even coffee filters. It takes up just a fraction of the space and is so easy to clean – I usually just rinse mine with hot water. I personally love this European brand! This is their classic, original french press that has raving reviews. I wanted something ultra modern, so I chose this one. I urge you to try French Press if you aren’t already!


Linen Kitchen Towels

Every classically trained chef has a stack of clean linen kitchen towels within arm’s reach. Use these cloth towels to wipe your space clean, to get hot pans in and out of the oven, to wrap a loaf of warm bread or cover the desert on the table. These towels have a classic bistro look!


Make French soufflés, crème brûlée, pot pies or crisps! I love these as they are multi-functional. You can bake with them, use them for ingredient prep or spices or simply eat ice cream from them. I personally love them in the traditional style, I like the texture they can add to a space when displayed on floating shelves. Amazon currently has a set of 6 in the 8 oz size for $18.99, the best deal I’ve found.

Le Creuset

This high-quality brand is what I think of when I think of European cooking. The Le Creuset dutch oven is a great piece to invest in and should be stored proudly on an open shelf. The thick, enameled cast-iron walls conduct heat evenly and help retain it. The heavy lid traps moisture inside the casserole and then it drips back down onto your food, making what’s cooking inside tender and moist. Le Creuset is an iconic brand with plenty of style, so their pots can go from the stove top to the oven to the table. The 6-quart is a good standard size if you’re often cooking for four people or less.

Bread Boards

It’s hard not to think of fresh baked bread and pastries when you think of Europe! I think bread boards make a perfect accessory to a kitchen backsplash or shelf by adding European flair. They are also useful as cutting boards and cheese boards! The more rustic and worn, the better but you’ve got to start somewhere. Here is one of my personal favorites! If you’re up for laying a couple to create dimension, check out this board as well!

If you want the real deal, European style look – check out this Etsy account! I’m officially obsessed. (Pictured in photo above.)


For more European love, check out the Travel section of the blog.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about European kitchen essentials as much as I enjoyed finding items that make me miss Europe oh so much! Have you been to Europe? If so, what countries? What reminds you of Europe?

xx Chelsey


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