My 7 Interior Design Business Essentials

Hi there! Today I thought I’d share with you a little behind the scenes as I talk about my 7 interior design business essentials – these are the interior design tools I use day to day in my online interior design business, working remotely!


These are the interior design business tools I can’t run my business without.


My laptop

This choice was a BIG decision. The first laptop I ever got cost me all of my high school graduation money, was bulky and died within two years. This time around I knew I wanted to invest in a computer that was portable, that could handle my work and act as a tablet. I personally love my HP Spectre, which is powerful enough to handle my Chief Architect rendering software, has touch screen and converts to a tablet. It’s also beautifully designed and is the best of all worlds!


My Adjustable Laptop Stand

It not only helps my posture by raising the screen, but helps my laptop breathe. It’s portable, which I love because my workplace is ever evolving. I like to work at coffee shops, a friend’s house and while traveling! This lightweight Jubor laptop stand folds down and fits in my bag with all of my other essentials!

My Bosch Laser Measure

I’d seriously be lost without this, especially when it comes to getting overall measurements of a home or business greater that 25′. I’m not going to lie, I had this without using it for 6 months assuming it’d be a difficult set up. I am embarrassed to say it took turning it on. It’s so simple! This Bosch laser measure can take measurements from the back or front of the device and it’s accuracy is better than a tape measure.


My Parallel Glider

This is the parallel glider I’ve had since college! I’ve held onto it as it helps me get straight lines on my sketches! It can act as a measuring tool, including angles.


My Thin Writing Pen

I am very specific with my pens. I only use Pilot G-2 .38 pen in black. They change the way I write, seriously. My writing becomes more legible and condensed! I swear by these pens for never running out of ink or drying out.


My Clipboard

My clipboard is essential for client meetings. I use it for jotting down measurements, sketching and note taking. I love it’s minimalist appearance paired with sheets of standard printer paper.


My Tote Bag


I will mourn when this bag falls apart. It’s so simplistic and yet big enough for my laptop. I bought this Steve Madden tote years ago at TJ Maxx, so sadly it’s no longer available. I have received so many compliments on it! It’s truly my favorite. It has all the right pockets for the essentials!



Well, there you have it! I hope you found this post about my 7 interior design business essentials useful. Thank you for taking the time to read a snippet out of my life. For more interior design business tips, follow on Instagram or Pinterest.


Xx Chelsey

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