2022 Home Design Trends that are Timeless

What’s trending in kitchen, bath and home design? Trends are fun to follow and use to predict the future of interior design but they aren’t always timeless. Building a new home or remodeling an existing one costs thousands of dollars and many of us want to design in a way that will be timeless for 15+ years. With that said, here are the 2022 home design trends that will always be popular in our book.

Sanctuary Spaces

Getting more sleep, reading, practicing yoga, meditating, decreasing stress and screen time are becoming increasingly sought after. Not everyone has a second room to dedicate to these activities. Bedrooms are becoming sanctuaries with luxurious textiles for bedding, black out curtains, mood lighting and elimination of electronics. En-suites will continue to increase in demand and the bathroom will become a haven for relaxation practices.

bathroom trends 2022

Bringing in Nature

Natural earth tones and more plants please. Not only are they timeless, they make us feel connected to nature which gives us a feeling of being grounded. Green is especially going to be popular in the new year as well as warm neutrals and other subdued colors found in nature. Organic curves are also becoming increasingly popular in design. You will see this in sofas, tables, lighting and accent pieces.

kitchen trends 2022


Vintage has been making a comeback and increasing in popularity. When it comes to homeware, especially that of the 60’s and 70’s is sought after. We can personally attest to this as our collection of vintage kitchenware sold off almost immediately! Vintage pieces are not only a sustainable option, they are incredibly unique, tell a story and bring in a nostalgic feel.

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More and more people are starting to gain awareness of our choices as consumers and its effect on the planet due to global warming, the extinction of animal species and the well-being of workers. This is something that isn’t easy or necessarily affordable to practice but it’s absolutely necessary to stand together and demand change from corporate companies that are collectively destroying our world. Trends are typically not something we play by but this is more than a trend, it’s positive change.

interior design trends 2022

Statement Lighting

Lighting has become more than just functional, in fact it’s become art. We are seeing more and more statement lighting, some of which is vintage!

home trends 2022

Kitchen Glow Up

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home. It’s where we aim to nourish our bodies, get creative with baking, entertain family and friends, hang out to do work and so much more. White will always be a classic but homeowners are pushing boundaries and more open to color, dark neutrals and wood tones. We are here for slab cabinetry, natural wood and stone as well as earth tones that will remain timeless. Nature will forever be in style and so will impeccable design.

kitchen trends 2022

As an interior designer with a passion for the well-being of others and the planet, we take a holistic approach to interior design. If you’re looking for help with your new construction home, a kitchen remodel or creating a vacation rental – please reach out. We’d be happy to answer your questions in a complimentary 30-minute strategy call. To learn more about the services we offer, click here.

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