9 Ways to Create a Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Are you looking for ways to create a modern minimalist kitchen in your home? 

There are many benefits to having a minimal kitchen, not least creating a space where you can cook and relax. Imagine having light and space to work and not be surrounded by clutter and distractions – bliss! A modern minimalist kitchen is both relaxing and functional, giving you the space you need to live and to create. 

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design with Four Wooden Stools against a White Kitchen Island

Photo by R Architecture on Unsplash

Minimalism isn’t about living with nothing – it’s about buying intentionally, buying things that last well, and only using things you need. For minimalist kitchen design ideas, read on!


It’s easier than you think to create a modern minimal kitchen. Here are 9 simple ways you can create a minimalist kitchen.

1.0 Get rid of clutter.

This is a biggie! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home? Getting rid of clutter will help calm those feelings of overwhelm and help you to create space to live in. It will also make your home easier to clean (bonus!). As William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Decluttering your kitchen will also help you to create a more organized space, saving time and stress when it comes to preparing meals.

Modern Neutral Kitchen Space with White Quartz Counter Tops and White Crystal Cabinetry - Kitchen Design by Chelsey Home

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design by Chelsey Home

2.0 Choose calming neutral paint colors.

Light and airy colors help to create a sense of space and a relaxing feel in your home. Neutrals also don’t date as quickly as “on trend” colors, which is great from a sustainability point of view. Color accents can be introduced with a few carefully chosen accessories, which are easier to change than a whole room color scheme. 

3.0 Faucet design.

Choose a sleek modern faucet to enhance your modern kitchen design. These are easy to keep clean and there are a range of materials you can use, meaning you can create a focal point of your faucet.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design with Brass Faucet and Cupboard Handles

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

4.0 Sleek cabinetry.

Choose simple, unfussy cabinetry with concealed handles rather than vintage style door knobs, which will help with clean lines and sharp finish of a minimalist kitchen design. Choosing light colors for your cabinetry can also help to add to the sense of space. For bespoke modern kitchen cabinets, check out the Bespoke Cabinetry service from Chelsey Home.

5.0 Hide away unsightly appliances.

Using clever storage ideas such as appliance garages can help to hide away appliances such as coffee machines, toasters, blenders etc, freeing up space on the counter tops.

6.0 Keep things where you use them.

If you have space, create a coffee station and keep all the equipment in one place. Only keep things you need for food preparation in the kitchen and resist the temptation to bring in extras. An organized kitchen is more functional and efficient, saving you time and effort.

7.0 Get rid of those appliances you will only use once.

If you always buy your bread, you don’t need to have a breadmaker. If you buy pre-spiralized vegetables, you don’t need a spiralizer. By eliminating these unnecessary items you’ll free up cabinet space, which will mean you can get rid of things from your work surfaces.

8.0 Use natural materials.

Some people think minimalist kitchens have to be cold and drab places, more like a dental surgery space than a home. By designing a kitchen with natural materials you can add warmth to the room without bringing in a load of unnecessary accessories and clutter. If you are wanting a more boho minimalist kitchen design, using wood cabinets can help you achieve this look, or by introducing rattan details.

Modern Boho Minimalist Kitchen with Rattan Lightshades over a Kitchen Island with Wooden Countertops

Photo by Jorge de Jorge on Unsplash

9.0 Consider open shelving.

By limiting yourself to a couple of open shelves you’ll be encouraged to declutter your kitchen and, if you can see exactly what dinnerware and cooking or baking items you have, you won’t need to buy any more. They also help to create a sense of airiness, and can be a place to showcase a thoughtfully arranged collection. Just don’t overcrowd them.


Using these tips to create a minimalist kitchen, you’ll be able to free up space and energy. You’ll also have a lot less to clean and tidy, which means you’ll have more time to spend with friends and family, enjoying your culinary creations, or taking time for yourself. Kitchens are about creativity, nourishing our bodies and entertaining our favorite people – not fighting our way through clutter!

Blue Le Creuset Cookware Displayed on Open Kitchen Shelves - Modern Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

If you are looking to create a more minimal, intentional home, please check out my services – it’s what I do! I can help design a kitchen that works with you, rather than makes you feel stressed out. Combining my education in interior design and my passion for architectural design, I specialize in both kitchen and bath design.

I offer “kitchen and bath design sets” which are organized sets of printable customized design plans along with my holistic approach and project management guidance. Within each set, I set your remodel project up with the proper plans. I also share my knowledge to help you be the artist to select your own products and finishes, and style your space like a pro. Please check out my services for more information.

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