How to Measure a Room for Interior Design

Here are some easy instructions for how to measure a room for interior design.


I have been meaning to post simple instructions for my E-Design clients on how to measure and photograph a room.  These are two important steps that I need from you, the client, before I can start the online interior design process for your project.  The other is the E-Design questionnaire which helps me to get to know you and your home. It is sent to clients who purchase any online interior design services.


If you would like help pulling your room together, I can help you and you don’t have to live in South Dakota to become a client.  My interior design services are online, meaning I can cater to clients anywhere in the United States regardless of schedules or location!


Step One: Draw Floor Plan

  • Get a pencil and piece of paper. Sketch your room!

  • Label each wall with the direction it faces. Don’t know which is which? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. My mind always goes to, Never Eat Soggy Waffles!


Step Two: Draw Features

  • Draw in and label features such as windows, doors and fireplaces.

Step Three: Measure in Inches

  • Learn to read a tape measure correctly: this was new to me when I started drawing floor plans!

  • Measure overall room size.

  • Measure ceiling height. Label in center of plan, circled.

  • Get detailed measurements of each wall. Measure edge of casing to edge of casing.

  • Measure window and door heights and a window’s height above the finished floor.

Step Four: Photograph!

  • Take photos during the day.

  • Remove clutter.

  • Get a photo from the center of each wall and from each corner of the room. Eight photos total!

  • Try to get outlets, vents wired lighting in your photos. If not, please make a note of them on your drawing.


If you would like details of my online interior design services, please get in touch.

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