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Travel is a passion of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Europe. Seeing European interiors first hand, I thought I should clarify what is European design, so here it is – European design defined.


In November of 2018, I was about to do the one thing I have dreamed of since I was 16. Travel the world. I left with an open mind and a single backpack. And boy, did it change me. In the most unexpected way, it felt like home.


When people hear the term “European Design” I think they envision sterile, neutral spaces with high gloss cabinetry and white walls. You know the kind.


An old dutch windmill’s kitchen.

To me, European design is the exact opposite.

It’s timeless

Some of the oldest buildings you will ever encounter are found there and their character is absolutely breathtaking. The interiors are modern and stylish, yet they’ve probably been there 20+ years.


They survive in small spaces with less and enjoy life

I particularly was in love with the kitchens. 24” refrigerators, cook tops and sinks. Because unless we have more than 2 kids, why do we need more than that? Think about how much food we waste and forget we have!

Incredible attention to detail

Your typical suburban sidewalk in Amsterdam.


Europe’s attention to detail is on an entirely different planet. The architecture is a given, but even the things often overlooked, someone designed thoughtfully. European design has incredible attention to detail.


European’s speak simplicity

A cave house in Santorini, Greece. Greek cycladic and cave houses were dreamy. The imperfect white walls felt fresh and minimal, yet traditional.


In design and in life, AirBnb’s allow you to experience the culture in a home. Each country was simplistic, encouraging activities outside of it. Amsterdam had outdoor gyms and thousands of bikes. In Barcelona, you’d shop the local markets and head to dinner around 9pm!


So there you go – European design defined! It’s definitely not sterile and neutral and is full of character – just look a little closer.

Have you had the chance to travel to Europe?

If so, Where did you go, what did you love most?

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