Copenhagen! Danish Design Love

Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen? I especially love Danish design, so here are 4 reasons to visit Copenhagen if you love interior design!


It’s always been on my bucket list to visit Europe right before Christmas. To experience the twinkling lights, the festivity and holiday traditions and to feel the magic in the crisp winter air. Aside from that, I am OBSESSED with Scandinavian Design. When Thrifty Traveler came across on my Facebook page with flights to Copenhagen for $416 round trip, my sister and I immediately jumped on it!


And I must say, Copenhagen did not disappoint. In fact, I think I’d rank it at the top of my list for European cities I have visited so far. Here are my personal top 4 reasons why you should visit Copenhagen:


Amazing Design & Architecture

Danish Chair Exhibit in the Design Museum


Danish design is probably my first love and the Scandinavian way of living is near and dear to my heart. So it’s no surprise that Copenhagen tops my list of European countries! The craftsmanship combined with simple, smart design is like no other. If you’re a Danish design snob like myself, I recommend checking out the Design Museum which is in fact free to those under the age of 26!


If you haven’t yet heard of Hygge (pronounced “Hoo-ga”) I recommend learning about it and practicing it in your home. Nearly everywhere we went, lights were dimmed and candles or accent lights were lit to create a feeling of coziness. Outdoor patios were open despite the cold and almost all of them had wood fires and fuzzy blankets.


The best things in life are free right? That’s why we spent the majority of our time wandering through the streets and in and out of local businesses. My two all-time favorite home/gift stores included “Nordic Nesting” and “Monday Sunday”.


Copenhagen Feels Safe

I felt more safe in Copenhagen than I think I have felt anywhere else in the world. A city so big, yet I felt as if I were in my small town. As a young woman traveling, I almost always have my guard up and am fully aware of my surroundings. It felt immensely freeing to have no worries and let our curiosity lead us to wherever it desired.

Mindful Practices

This city screamed both mindful and healthy. Seeing litter was rare and if you did, you felt the need to pick it up. Plastic was hard to come by – in fact, if you wanted a paper or reusable bag at a store, you had to purchase it. Healthy eating almost completely beat out fast food. From smoothie bowls to homemade pizza joints and fresh caught seafood, I wasn’t feeling the least bit of bad for eating those extra Danish pastries!

Colorful Streets in Copenhagen

The oldest street in Copenhagen

Coming from the city of Sioux Falls and the love for neutral here, I greatly appreciated the use of color in Copenhagen. My sister and I would be wandering, to then turn the corner and stumble upon a street vivid in colorful buildings. Nyhavn district and Magstraede street are two of the most popular and colorful areas. As a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture seamlessly blending with nature, I think cities are meant to be the opposite and full of life and surprise!


In a non literal sense, Copenhagen felt colorful. People were extremely kind, the streets were full of life and we were full of awe and excitement. When I think of Christmas spirit, I will forever remember our time at Tivoli Gardens. The amusement park so full of lights, happiness, inspiration, imagination and love. It’s no surprise that Walt Disney himself was inspired there!


In all, I left Copenhagen feeling like I found a city that speaks to my soul. I recently found out through 23andMe that I am mostly Scandinavian myself, so I can’t say I’m surprised!?


Have you visited Copenhagen? I’d love if you shared your experience with me in the comments below or get in touch.


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