5 Timeless Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are a real debate. Everybody seems to have an opinion about the backsplash and the irony is that it is the least expensive and least important piece to a kitchen remodel! Today I am sharing 5 timeless kitchen backsplashes with you.

As an industry professional and online kitchen designer, I want to share what I think are the most timeless kitchen backsplashes. I want to guide you in selecting a backsplash that will be timeless for years to come and help you to understand why that is.

The key to understanding timelessness is observing design around the world and over the decades. It helps you to see what is trendy and what is beautiful for years to come. Europe is ahead in the design world and can be incredibly insightful when gaining inspiration and ideas.

The three things I see in repetition are impeccable design (think Frank Lloyd Wright, Steelcase, Mercedes, etc), simplicity and natural elements. Technology is not timeless as it is ever evolving. Therefore, natural stone over manmade quartz (that looks like natural stone) will always be more timeless. Natural materials and colors are as timeless as the beauty we see in nature. When you want to do all the things, step back and simplify. Let a couple pieces shine their light. From a timeless standpoint, let that be the less permanent pieces such as kitchenware, furnishings and light fixtures.

Now friends, onto my 5 favorite timeless backsplashes!

  1. Matching Countertop Backsplash for the Modern, Clean Simplistic HomeTimeless Kitchen Design Backsplash

  2. Stacked Squares Backsplash for the Transitional Home with Character

  3. Timeless Stacked Square Kitchen BacksplashBrick Backsplash for the Traditional Cottage, Farmhouse or Tudor HomeTimeless Brick Backsplash

  4. Painted Paneling  Backsplash for the English Cottage or Coastal HomePainted Paneling Kitchen Backsplash

  5. Minimal Counter Backsplash for the Budget Friendly HomeEuropean Kitchen Design Minimal Counter Backsplash

There you have it, almost too simple isn’t it? Remember that is the key. Also, remember that the internet is filled with opinions (myself included) and few can truly see into the future ( I don’t hear about people seeking a physic for choosing a kitchen backsplash but maybe I’ll give it a go, haha!)

The kitchen backsplash is such a small part in creating a timeless kitchen. Great design isn’t just about what we see, it’s about how the space works and flows. It’s about the layout, the storage strategy and placements. Aesthetically, it’s about the architectural design of cabinetry and the other pieces that make it impeccably designed.

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