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Looking for tips on how to simplify your closet? Read on!


This morning I was feeling bold so I tackled my closet. Typically when I attempt this task, it doesn’t go as planned. I am found feeling guilty for the money I spent or I see a piece for it’s potential. But the truth is, I don’t wear it and likely never will. So why do I keep it?


Did you know that most of us only wear 20% of what’s in our closet? That means the other 80% is taking up precious space, creating organizational chaos and giving us anxiety as we look at things unwanted.


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If it’s time you tackle this dreaded task and started to clear out your closet, it can seem overwhelming. To help, I’ve come up with 5 reasons why you should clear out unused clothes.


Life Changes

As we grow into who we are, our personal style is often altered. We don’t like the same things we did 2 years ago, let alone 10.  We also change careers or jobs which depict a new dress code.

Dress pants and blouses were my go-to for the longest time at high-end design firms. Now, I live in South Dakota and own my business. My clothing choices are more casual and geared to fit my business brand.


Because it’s Broken

I feel that many of us have a pile of these items. Items with holes, a loose hem, stains and even jewelry that has come apart. My advice: fix it this week or throw it!

I had a black blazer hanging in my closet for two years and when I finally had someone fix it, I realized I don’t even like it anymore!


It’s Uncomfortable

Anything itchy, no thanks. I also find myself not wearing pieces that are cut too low and constantly need to be pulled up. Or, it’s the opposite, with shirts and dresses that move their way up like it’s their job.


Your Body has Changed

As we age, our bodies change and that’s okay. Whether you lose weight or gain weight, it’s not worth holding onto pieces that no longer fit.

Say you’ve gained weight and plan to lose it. It’s not going to happen overnight and when it does happen, you are going to want to treat yourself and show off some new styles!


Don’t Love It, Ditch It

I like to compare this one to the ex we held onto for too long, because of this word called “potential”. If you wouldn’t go in the store and choose it today, ditch it.

I am often stuck here because I see it for how amazing it could look with new pieces. The truth is, it’s going to sit in your closet because you have nothing to wear with it.


There you have it, short and sweet! I hope this motivates you to de-clutter your closet, which in return, will de-clutter your mind. It can seem overwhelming to start to simplify your closet but it’s something that is definitely worth doing. Read more about how the minimalist mindset changed my life.


I’d love to hear what you struggle with when going through your closet. Reach out on Instagram!




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